Monday, March 21, 2011

Iris Apfel

OK, so I have a penchant for old ladies, Betty White tops my list but I ran across a video of an amazing women named Iris Apfel a native New Yorker who at 89 is the toast of the town and the fashion world.

Here is a snippet from an interview with Iris for London's Guardian in 2010: 

Apfel is 88, a "geriatric starlet" (her own description) who has suddenly become a staple of hip New York life – photographed by Bruce Weber, admired by designers such as Isaac Mizrahi and Duro Olowu, featured in Paper magazine, Vogue and the New York Times, blown up beyond life-size in the window of Barneys department store. In the five years since a show of her clothes at the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute was a word-of-mouth sensation, she has taken the world of style by storm. Her looks are now so legendary, so otherworldly, that many who first saw the exhibition assumed she was dead. Her nephew made a habit of taking friends to see it, and she gave him strict instructions: "If you hear anyone say I'm dead, tell them: 'No, she's very much alive and just walking around to save funeral expenses.'"

For the complete interview go to:

Iris has been married to Carl Apfel for 63 years. They started a fabric company together in 1952, Old World Weavers creating beautiful one of a kind fabrics, they sold Old World Weavers to Stark Carpet Company in 1993.

 Carl and Iris Apfel going strong at nearly 90

Iris Apfel is a gem and she might have just displaced Betty as my #1 old lady... sorry Betty!

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