Sunday, March 20, 2011

LACMA - Los Angles County Museum of Art

I am lucky to work right next door to the LA County Museum of Art otherwise known as LACMA. It's great to pop over there at lunch just to wander an exhibit or check out one of the permanent collections. My favorite art at the museum is modern/contemporary. On a recent visit I took some photos of some of my favorite modern pieces. 

My favorite artist is Amedeo Modigliani and it appear LACMA only has one piece titled "Young Women of the People" painted in 1918, two years before the artists death.

We visited Modigliani's grave at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris in May of 2010. Next to the grave was a Modigliani style sketch left by a fan, people still leave notes and sketches even 90 years after his death. 

My favorite Sculptor is Albert Giacometti and LACMA has a beautifully displayed collection of his work.
I'm a huge Picasso fan having visited the Picasso museum in Paris on several occasions. LACMA has a fairly extensive collection of Picasso's including this piece painted during his Blue Period (1901-1904) titled "Portrait of Sebastia Juner Vidal" painted in 1903.
This Henri Matisse painting is titled "Tea" and is the largest painting Matisse executed, it was painted after world war one in 1919. 

I find the painting technique almost juvenile in detail when you look closely at the face of the girl on the left who is Matisse's daughter. Her face appears almost smushed with oddly shaped eyes. 

I love the colors in this painting and I was unfamiliar with the artist Hans Hofmann. The painting is titled "Equipoise", painted in 1958.

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